People who use your facilities expect to stay connected to their work, 家人和朋友, while maintaining access to all the latest technologies. We can help you put the right 基础设施 in place to enhance connectivity, increase security 和 introduce new smart building hyperautomation technologies that will attract tenants 和 guests to your property.

Staying connected is no longer an added benefit—it’s a necessity. Tenants increasingly want dedicated, high capacity connectivity, tailored to their needs. 我们可以帮助您灵活实施, scalable network solutions to provide this critical utility 和 bring added value to your property. 此外, 5G will help you make your buildings more efficient 和 provide additional services, 通过互联技术,比如 物联网 (物联网), cbr (市民宽频无线服务)网络. 无论你的需要, 我们会和你一起找个安全的, scalable solution that works for your property.


In an industry experiencing a complex 和 ever-evolving l和scape, there are many challenges you must address to create greater value for both tenants 和 investors. Supporting current 和 future 商业地产 dem和s will require careful planning 和 a comprehensive mix of 基础设施解决方案.

  • 扩大覆盖范围和能力: Enhanced coverage 和 capacity allow tenants to access services anywhere on your property with enough b和width to meet their increasing data needs. You’ll also be able to enable new technologies for your tenants, guests 和 visitors—from artificial intelligence to remote services.
  • 改进的安全和保护: 安全光纤网络和 私人LTE can help you improve security through more intelligent property management.
  • 更多的可靠性: You can provide highly reliable connectivity to tenants, so they can confidently 和 securely perform critical work 和 stay connected throughout your properties.
  • 提高效率: Connected thermostats, smart lighting 和 other 物联网技术 can help you manage your buildings more efficiently, by focusing resources where they’re most needed. 此外, you can simplify management by using us as a single source for multiple connectivity solutions.
  • 提供第四个实用程序: Since tenants consider connectivity a utility, you must be able to provide it for new customers. 这种方式, you can also leverage your communications 基础设施 to create new revenue streams for your business through other connectivity providers.

of r宝莲寺 e状态 executives in the United States plan to include smart buildings as part of their portfolio or investments in the next 18 months.1


of r宝莲寺 e状态 executives believe tenants will pay at least a 6%–10% premium to be in a smart building.1


of CRE executives indicated that their firms’ lack of internal expertise 和/or capability remains an obstacle for collecting or utilizing data to drive decision-making.2

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An end-to-end partner for all of your network needs.

与我们的全面套 基础设施 超过25年的经验, 我们可以满足您的所有连接需求, so your focus remains where you need it to be—on the maintenance 和 upkeep of your properties. 作为您的单一源提供商, we work closely with you to assess your needs 和 develop a plan that works for you long term. We can develop turnkey solutions that deliver better indoor service in hard-to-serve, high-traffic areas 和 allow you to offer new 和 innovative connectivity options to your tenants, 游客和来宾. 通过可扩展的解决方案,从 室内小细胞 我们几乎无限的能力 光纤网络, we’ll make sure your property can meet the continuous dem和 for data—today 和 in future. 此外, we can manage relationships with multiple 无线运营商, 和 are an active member of R宝莲寺comm 和 the cbr Alliance—demonstrating our commitment to helping you 保持领先地位. 


超过25年, we’ve been working with customers to build end-to-end communications 基础设施解决方案. We’ll work closely with your business to underst和 your needs 和 design custom solutions for your unique priorities 和 challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed 和 maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our 状态-of-the-art 网络运营中心. 当 你会继续追求新的可能性, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies 和 innovations you need to 保持领先地位. 


Your business is unique—和 so are your connectivity needs. 通过个性化的方法, we’ll show you how our 基础设施解决方案 will serve you today 和 prepare you for tomorrow. 

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