You’d be hard pressed to find an industry that’s changed more in the last few decades than 制造业. 制造商继续引领潮流, thanks in large part to innovations 和 technologies that have allowed companies to adapt 和 compete on a global scale. Hyper自动化, 工业物联网(IIoT)网络, 机器对机器通信, remote monitoring 和 controls—these are just a few of the recent developments that have transformed the industry 和 defined “Industry 4.0.“当你适应这个快速变化的现实, we’ll make sure you have the right 通讯基础设施 to process data, support new technologies 和 applications 和 succeed on a global scale.

As a manufacturer, you already generate more data than most companies. 监控和收集数据, processing it 和 putting it to good use requires smart investments in network infrastructure. You need to connect every piece of the 制造业 process—from your expansive floor to your central network to every h和off point where goods are delivered. 是全国最大的共享服务提供商 通讯基础设施, we can provide comprehensive solutions that enable 和 enhance your networks in any environment—from in-building to outdoors 和 everything in between.

  • 小细胞: 小细胞 can be deployed both indoors 和 outdoors to provide wireless coverage to even the most hard-to-reach places.
  • 光纤网络: The unmatched speed 和 capacity of fiber make it an ideal solution to support real-time interfaces, 数字孪生和其他数据密集型应用程序.
  • 塔: 基础设施的一部分 5G, 塔 will help drive tomorrow’s connected assembly lines 和 play an important role in the industrial internet of things.






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Our infrastructure works together to support technologies like 5G 和 cbr. This opens up many opportunities for you by giving you the critical connectivity you need to implement remote monitoring, 自动化, 连接诊断和更多.

  • 提高生产率: 通过连接你的整个生产线, 你可以最大化资源, 预测机器故障, minimize downtime 和 enable your employees to do more with their time.
  • 改进的安全: Automated systems allow you to put fewer people on the floor, decreasing the opportunities for workplace accidents. 并具有更精确的数据收集和分析, you get more precise maintenance alerts 和 better visibility into potential danger zones—allowing you to proactively respond to problems.
  • 更好的精度和性能: 有了合适的网络, you can implement advanced AI (artificial intelligence) systems that learn 和 improve over time—leading to fewer defects 和 better products. Properly supported robotics can also be more efficient which allows you to redirect your human resources to more valuable positions like programming 和 machine maintenance.
  • 能否经得住时间的考验: All of our infrastructure is designed to keep pace with you as your networks 和 processes evolve. 我们处在新技术的最前沿,比如 5G, 边缘计算 私有LTE cbr—all of which will be critical as you move into the future of 制造业.



of manufacturers believe smart factory initiatives will be the main driver of competitiveness in the next five years.2


The expected size of the global industrial IoT market by 2025.3

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To fully realize the benefits 和 efficiencies of IIoT 和 other connected 制造业 systems, you need to be able rely on the network that supports them. 这就是我们的切入点. Our network assets are monitored around-the-clock by our fully staffed, state-of-the-art 网络运营中心 (NOC). Our professional staff is empowered to respond to outages 和 dispatch local service teams as needed. We also proactively work to minimize even the most inevitable issues by performing regular maintenance on our infrastructure 和 making plans for things like natural disasters. 除此之外的支持, you can also rest easy knowing that all of your systems are backed by the resources 和 stability of an S&P 500 company with approximately 5,000 employees nationwide.


超过25年, we’ve been working with customers to build end-to-end 通讯基础设施 solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to underst和 your needs 和 design custom solutions for your unique priorities 和 challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed 和 maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art 网络运营中心. 当你继续追求新的可能性, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies 和 innovations you need to stay ahead.


Your business is unique—和 so are your connectivity needs. 通过个性化的方法, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today 和 prepare you for tomorrow. 

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2德勤,“2019 MAPI智能工厂研究”,2019
3 Gr和 View Research, “Industrial 物联网 2019-2025,” 2019



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